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Yeah, quarantine has been something. Many people would refer to 2020 as the worst year ever. However, I fervently disagree with that. 2020 has truly placed America’s truth at the forefront. It is hard to be proud of a country that continues to disregard your existence. America is supposedly the land of dreams, but I promise you, George Floyd never dreamed about dying the way he did. Young black boys never dreamed of a justice system that fed off of their imprisonment. No African ever dreamed of being forced to build a country they still struggle to call home. America is like a flower pot filled with soil and worms. Each time the worm pokes its head out, just throw some dirt to cover it up. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel. I hate the phrase “Black Lives Matter” because it reveals how deep racism runs. It makes me question why I have to state what should already be true. I have heard the phrase, “ It’s 2020, why is this still happening?” so many times. In my opinion, this is still happening because our focus is on fixing the surface level issues of an internal problem. It is time that we make blackness fit into America’s dream. I would like to give thanks and appreciation to the Africans that built this nation. Not only did they lose so much, but they experienced a way of life so many of us can not even imagine. I pray for the unity of black people all over the world, regardless of how light one’s skin is or how tight the curl. United we stand, divided we fall and right now, we are falling.


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