“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”
― Danielle LaPorte

A daydreaming free-thinking, a wild-hearted intellectually stimulated soul whose sole desire is to experience life free of inhibitions. also reserved private impersonal – polarity. I’ve lived a carefree life,  manifested everything and everything easily – dangerous, some would say. Most days I’d spend blissfully ignorant shielded by the unconscious bias placed upon me – a social contract I willfully took. 

These days look different. Slowly removing the lens’ through which I viewed the world. Peeling off layers of the ideas that no longer fit. 

These days I’ve spent more time asking questions. listening. dancing (trauma lives on the hips – moving clears it) loving and being loved. laughing. confused. Politically active. morning unresolved trauma of 7 billion people on this planet. — the matrix of interconnectedness is real (CIA confirmed). 

I  question if the thoughts are my own? Am I’m culturally obligated to share the same beliefs? Am I spending too much time feeding my ego? I’ve been in my head more than I’ve been in my heart. It’s a constant battle keeping my energy high while inundated with the world around me, attempting to make sense of it. Exhausted to hear another Mayor briefing, the misinformation and lack of activated consciousness.  

Society has become disillusioned, contradictory, and disconnected from the purpose of cultivating love throughout society. Love, the kind that vibrates at 528 Hz that physically changes the DNA, the magic you only read about in books. Society hasn’t been able to fully activate this frequency because of food deserts, poor quality education, suppression of information, creations of hierarchies organized religions political systems and ideologies that are infested with self-interest egoism more so our own ego – consistently imposing our ideologies of what a utopian world should appear to be. Trying to fix the world before fixing ourselves. ironic. 

I don’t know a lot of things, however,  I do know is the only way out is IN. 

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  1. Lauren Melendez

    Hi Annette,
    I like your poetic free spirited approach to giving us a glimpse of who you are at this time and how you are viewing the world. I like the fact that you are free flowing and move to the beat of your own drum, and are one who desires to live life to the fullest your way. I agree with you on the current state of society, and couldn’t agree more that we all need to do more work on ourselves and reflect on self however, always easier said then done and is a uphill process.

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