Out with the Old

The illustration depict (unable to download creative photo) how people can come together no matter the race, religion or sex or faith. Learning takes team work and dedication from all ends of the spectrums that include teachers, administration, students and anyone who makes policies and rules in the education system. During The New College Classroom lecture by Professor Cathy Davidson and Dr. Christine Katopodis it was said that the higher education need to change in order for the students to change and become better at their career. This is where it starts and begin to florish as students begin to to be efficient at their job. When asked what we liked most about teaching, it was learning the material given and perfecting the skills that will be taught to them. As history changes everyday its up to educators and administrators to change also. Learning and teaching work hand in hand as explained at the lecture. As educational leaders we must arm ourselves with information that students can take with them as they grow and learn in this society. I learned a lot at this lecture and how i can become a better tool and asset to my students.

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