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Old Wreckage, New Generations

Posted by Sayquan Wooden on

Let’s learn through the past and present to lead our lives towards something better. 

These wreckage of issues and situations that came before us must be put out with a fight. 

It might’ve came through family, friends, a neighborhood or a messed up ideaology. 

I’ll never deny the faults of high power.

But there comes ultimate accountability and responsibility for detrimental decisions. 

No more blaming outsiders for the problems. 

No more dependence on the government.

No more changing one mindset.

Build your character and redeem yourself 

Build that money that’ll shape your house.

Cause soon your house demolishes as you perish.

I’ll never deny the evolution of humanity 

But please be careful on your dependence

On the ones you trust

The ones you hate

The materials you adore

And the time you got.

If you know who you are at heart

Then don’t allow makeup to conceal yourself

Concealed in the shape of

Comments that wrecks the nerve

Likes that boosts your adrenaline

Hate that fuels your response 

And thoughts that questions yourself

natural body

natural skill

natural beauty

And natural elements of this life can’t be taken for granted.

Guarding it for life because once it’s violated those scars will bring flashbacks. 

A new realization allows me to connect to all of us

Old generations

that are full of ignorance 

to coming of age  

to a new society 

to taboo topics 

and the self awareness 

to who we can be

Admit the struggles

once faced in life

Is this a warning 

Or is it advice?

Is it love 

Or is it hate?

You consider the value it means to you

As the messenger of this poem is only here to settle you into an endless story. 

Blog Posts by CUNY Peer Leaders

The Rest of My Life… in Question(?)

Posted by Sayquan Wooden on

The alarming existential question in position “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?” brings many thoughts and outlooks among my mind. To get a clear understanding of how I realistically see the rest of my life going I’ll quickly recap how I’ve gotten to this point of realization within myself. 

Setting the basis of self awareness has been the ideal situation for me as I plan out my career goals and aspirations among a new stage in life. After turning 21 this past summer I realized that time truly waits for nobody. I remember the year of 2016 when I was 15 years old with no a worry or care in the world. Only two things I had to do: Get good grades and be a good kid which I fulfilled. However as I transition onto college after graduating high school in 2019, my responsibilities and purpose became more important than ever. No more procrastinating, relaxing, and staying a kid. I was in the real world now. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been part of many educational and creative opportunities with many programs and organizations since 2018. Having those connections and relationships with people who’ve introduced you to many new things have been a driving force for me today. As I continue to do it, I’m near completion of my bachelors degree in Creative Writing at Brooklyn College in 2023. 

After I graduate I plan to either continue a more competitive and diverse level of fellowships or start my career as a freelance writer, creative writer for a company, and possibly start writing a novel. As common with many people, this isn’t fully accurate but it’s the best ideal situation I can see myself in. I also would like to see myself making a lot of money, own a house, help rebuild communities and strive for positive change, and become part of many creative movements and projects throughout the world. 

Going back to the question itself is one that’ll stay with me throughout my entire life unironically. Deciding on what to do for the rest of my life depends on my desires and needs at specific points of improvement, dedication, and motivation in life. There are new things that I may learn when I’m in my 50s rather than my 20s. I may have everything in life one day but decide to learn something new to add to my repertoire. 

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