The CUNY Peer Leaders meet biweekly throughout the academic year. They engage in enrichment activities and in-person meetups at the Graduate Center for leadership training and to discuss topics, like financial literacy, that are pertinent but are not talked about often enough in college.

Group of CPLs smiling

End of the 2023-2024 Academic Year CPL Meetup

CPL stands behind the podium, giving a presentation.

A Recap of the Spring 2024 CUNY Peer Leaders Showcase

“Average is Better than Luxury: A Financial Literacy and Personal Budgeting Presentation” with FI Budget Manager Celi Lebron

“Graduate School, Career and Professional Development” February 2024 CPL Meetup with Rod Hurley, Assistant Director of the Futures Initiative

December 2023 CPL Meetup with Dr. Jody Clark-Vaisman

CUNY Peer Leaders Share Their NYC Soundscapes in November 2023 Meetup

CUNY Peer Leaders and Humanities Alliance Fellows Convened on Oct 25, 2023

Exploring Our Environments and Lives Through Sound Waves: CPL October 2023 Meetup

Starting an Inspiring Year with the CUNY Peer Leaders