November Blog: Poem- “The Silk Ribbon” by Nicolli Mesquita

Nicolli is a student at Guttman Community College majoring in Science. She plans to continue her education at The City College Grove School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies & Engineering. Nicolli is passionate about civil rights issues, history, food, and the Earth. She hopes to travel the world contributing to environmental innovations that put the planet and its life first. She loves to cook and write. She is interested in agriculture, food systems, and building a sustainable lifestyle for herself and the world. 

Nicolli’s poem, titled “The Silk Ribbon” stems from exploring her complex feelings and relationship with time; aging, the societal pressures and milestones that are expected of us by a certain age, being a woman in a society that tells you your value diminishes with age and the thrilling quantum mechanics of time. The duality of time being both a grim reaper type entity while also being a healer and teacher inspired the need to explore this relationship and write this poem. The poem focuses on rhythm as an extension and personification of time. 

The Silk Ribbon


I lie awake

for hours in the night 

Some questions 

and thoughts,

ticking away.

Time is truly fleeting, 

I’d say.

Like a balloon,


up & away,

Running & reaching.

Feeling the edge 

Of a silk ribbon, 

Slipping through

your fingers 

Time is truly fleeting,

I’d say. 

She flees but,

Why does she stay? 

on my skin,

in my bones.

Wearing me down,

While standing me up.

I wear her on my hands.

I see her on my face.

Silk ribbon cuts.

She flies,

up & away.

Leaving her marks;

the only thing

that seems to stay.



Passing me by.



Loving the high.

today & yesterday,   

Tick-ing away