Finding The Balance

A healthy peace of mind is all I crave at this moment in my life. As we all deal with the world’s current state due to COVID 19, it is hard to look forward to our future. I am extremely proud of myself and any student that was still eager to strive for their goals with such uncertainty of what is to come. I anticipated this semester to be my most difficult one as I struggled to choose a major or specific career goal. I also work full time which has not always been easy to balance when it comes to school, and the daily stressors that come up in life. 

            This semester I’m aiming to be a better student when it comes to taking full advantage of my educational opportunities. My vision of this reminds me of the quotes “Be all you can be” or “Don’t sell yourself short”.  I have already taken steps by emailing my professor if I have questions, joining a study group, and trying to plan ahead when it comes to assignments. Procrastination is my biggest problem and I’m working hard to change my old habits. While I’m currently experiencing depression and anxiety it takes a lot more effort to be fully engaged or focused. I’m only taking Chemistry for Fall which is good because it is definitely easier to manage even though the course work is challenging. 

            The months are strangely moving fast and eventually this semester will be over. I would like to be able to take a vacation after to celebrate getting through this year, hopefully a productive semester and to take a breath of fresh air. I usually take three to four vacations a year but unfortunately because of the pandemic that was not possible. I believe taking time off from everything sometimes is necessary as life can always become overwhelming. 

2 thoughts on “Finding The Balance

  1. Lauren Melendez

    Hi Tay,
    It sounds like this is a challenging semester for you and seems to be a growing sentiment in our community here, but at least you are still motivated and I commend you on making an effort to join a study group and refocus in order to get a handle on your studies and responsibilities. I hope that you are able to figure out what you want to do as we continue to wither the storm of the pandemic we are still very much in. This is a good time to really think about what you enjoy doing, and thinking about your skill set and training you have acquired thus far and what career path you think would be best to embark on next. We will discuss professional development in this program later in the semester, I hope that meet-up is helpful to you in narrowing down your choices.

  2. Kristina Graham

    As you mentioned, it is incredible that you have goals and are seeking for help from your professors and staying active. I am struggling myself this semester. I have been considering changing my major and mentally have been completely exhausted. Your post is encouraging me to push forward and also change some of my habits. Thank you so much for sharing and even helping me!

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