My Darkness Manifesto

My skin is dark
As eyes without hope
As the lack of love
Within this world

My skin is full of marks
But it hurts more in the inside
I have scars in my soul, 
Why feel guilty of my luck? 
I don’t envy the freedom of those
Who have a skin of sun

I didn’t choose
My skin, my language, or my face, 
I didn't choose 
Being hunted by my race
But here I am, 
Being named, being believed in a certain way
But here I am,
Fount guilty of others' sins

I am proudly carrying my burden  
My dark skin is my perpetual treasure  
Beautiful like the universe and its wonders  
Being black is my cursed pleasure  
My blackness is as powerful as thunder  
This is my darkness' manifesto 
Screaming loudly its painful joy 
I won't conceal what clad my soul 

My skin is dark 
Like the center of our eyes 
My heart cries, for you, it cries  
My darkness can't be silenced 
I wear my skin like a divine garment 
I’m not privileged, but I know that   
Our blood is red 
Without social poison 
We all could be the same.
This is one of my first poems. The idea was born when I came to the United States from the Dominican Republic and gained a new perspective of my blackness thanks to the cultural knowledge I acquired here. In my home country, the culture and the way in which race-related topics are approached is different. When I learned some of the atrocities committed against Indigenous people, Black people, and other groups, which have stained with innocent blood the worn pages of the history of this country, I was furious and I still am. The foundation of this freedom is oppression. Utilitarianism at its finest. And this poem shows my grief and my burning desire to continue the long march towards true freedom.

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