Hello, I’ve been learning a lot lately

This past semester I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve learned how to say no, that I don’t always have to take everything on by myself. It seems I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve bitten off more then I could chew. I took every opportunity and I was in every meeting that came my way. I learned the hard lesson that just because we are online doesn’t mean I have more time. It’s okay to pass on certain opportunities. Life still goes on and there will be something-better for me when I have more time. I’m not the only one that’s going through this. We all are, we all feel this stress and overwhelmingness to get things done. Unfortunately that’s why I haven’t been so active in this group. I sometimes get so caught up in many other things that I don’t always have time. It sucks! I love going to the meetings here and talking to the other leaders and messaging each other in the chats and reading some posts. The energy everyone gives its so genuine and it’s a nice change. Being in meetings all day with not so happy adults who all have their camera off is so…. boring to put it kindly.
Another thing I learned was to be more organized. To be honest I thought I had this in the bag. When we were back at school I was always on top of everything and always early. It’s tricky because online is so different then in person. I’m still adjusting and I’m trying my best. I feel like since I bit off more then I can chew my motivation and drive is going down. I know regardless I will reach my goals and become who I’ve always dreamed of but right now it’s just so hard to even get up out of bed and get on the computer. I also have other responsibilities as well that are outside of school. I sometimes have to tutor and babysit my younger sister who is VERY honest and has zero filter. So if I look tired she will definitely be the first to tell me. I also have to keep my guide dog working well. That means going out every other day and going on a walk to make sure he’s good with his tasks.
I’ve also been learning how to use like 50 new websites. I’m terrible with technology. I’m one of the few people that’s not so great at it. To be fair I have it set up a bit differently then others.

These are the lessons and things I have learned and I will not make this spring. I’m generally grateful to be in this group. There are so many wonderful people who are genuinely so kind and inspire me.

One thought on “Hello, I’ve been learning a lot lately

  1. Kristina Graham

    Hi Jeraine,

    I can totally relate to this post! Thank you for your honesty and sharing your experience. I have always been the type of person to say yes and hardly felt comfortable saying no. I have learned that it is okay. Especially with Distance Learning, our mental health comes first! I am always here if you want to talk about anything 🙂

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