Are You Alive?

A consistency of life is fear

As simple as can be.

All forms of life experiences it

All cannot overcome.

To experience fear is to be alive

But to live by it––is to die,

Suppressing imagination by way of fear

Is not to be alive.

Fear, most influential of them all

Limits, alters, obstructs and destroys

But it does not––no,

It does not kill; that’s all you

To live under limits is a façade.

To live is to experience

To challenge, to love, to choose;

To live in fear, is to avoid all of the above.

Then what is fear?

The hand which pulls the strings?

The thought which drives the conscious?

The butterfly quarreling in your gut?

Fear clouds the light of the bravest soul;

Fear may inverts one’s world;

Fear leads the unknown to the unventured;

Fear’s source of strength is your weakness.

It exists in between, not to be seen

It’s filter alters perception

It turns a spider to creature, a shadow to a monster;

Its true fear is to lose control.

To grow is to challenge

To challenge is to overcome.

Fear is but a mirage, a tactic of the puppeteer

To grow is to fight fear––is to live.

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