It rains and I walk without destination, 
I want to walk just to walk, 
The night dresses the city and I stalk, 
I ignore the cold and continue my procession 

Memories come and go 
As I watch a leaf fall,
The vintage filter of autumn calls, 
My steps keep pace with my thoughts

Here in my chest there is so much 
I can’t translate or decrypt it
At the same time, I feel it and I think that 
I want to walk

The sad autumn leaves falling like rain and the low temperatures that force me to put on more layers than I would like to announce that the year is about to end. I like this time, it is full of hope, new goals, lights, love, family, cold, and appreciation of the warmth of home. I know it is not the same for everyone and it saddens me to think that it is but hey, I hope with all my heart that you are not entirely alone. Fall is my favorite season. The colors, the atmosphere, the cold, the excitement of having something hot to warm up. I like fall because it was when I met you when I tasted the bittersweet taste of reality, fantasy, life, and death. I like the fall because it was when I learned that living involves constant learning and that happiness is not something that you pursue, but that you create for yourself. This year I suffered, laughed, cried, sang, regressed, advanced, grew, and fought to be better. This year I longed for autumn to come more than ever to feel the way I feel now, full of hope and faith in that life continues and so do I.

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