Democracy – doing it the old-fashioned way

Democracy is a government in which the people rule the people. In the US, the population votes on the representatives – ones who represent the respective group of peoples. In the modern world, it is an outdated system in which people, corrupted from years of greed and envy, has found numerous loopholes to pass as “democracy”. We, as a people, need to find a better way to govern ourselves or find a new system to put in place for the better future. Maybe democracy isn’t enough anymore. Democracy represents everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE. That includes the Nazi sympathizers, the Trumpsters and the Flat Earthers. In a perfect “democracy”, we need to listen to them as much as they listen to us. Obviously, that’s not the most attractive option.

However, there is a reason why Trump was elected as the president. It’s the same reason why Biden was elected president back in November. It’s not just the majority. It’s the “majority” that is the loudest that wins. When the “bad side” wins one, the “good side” wins the next. Is the “bad side” the Communists? Or, are the people who represents the “system” makes it the “bad side”? Look at the eternal race between the Democrats and the Republicans here in America. There are other political parties such as the Green Party, the Libertarians, and such. Why don’t we pay attention to those parties? What attracts us to the Democracy, as a party? Is it ingrained in our minds as the right thing to accept mindlessly? Are we socially conditioned to think democracy is our ONLY living standard? Maybe we should let the Green Party win for once. MAYBE, it would do us some good to consider something else i.e. the environment, as more important than us, the humans. If we stopped fighting amongst ourselves for a minute and focus on improving our Earth who gives us life, we could just achieve world peace. Just for a bit. Then, that will get old, and we’d find something else to fight over. All in all, democracy is a tad bit old-fashioned. That, I think we can all agree. It’s just not working anymore. Too many people are on this earth, all with their own differing opinions. I think it’s time for us to find a new way of governing that would represent ALL OF US – every single person in America, and the world.

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