This question in itself had puzzled me the entire couple weeks I was given it. What am I an expert on? Even while writing it I still struggled to acknowledge what I truly am an expert on until I realized the exact thing I was doing. This is exactly what I am an expert on. Today I had three things due. Two papers and this blog post. Did I wait till the last minute to do all three at once? Yes, yes I did. However, as I am reading, writing and completing all assignments in the odd hours of the night (like I usually do) I realized this is exactly what I am an expert on. What is that you might ask? Working under pressure! Call it procrastination I will call it working under pressure. Regardless of what the assignments are I will always get it done no matter the immense amount of pressure that is placed onto me. I think a lot of people can be experts on this. I also know for fact that whatever it is assignment, deadline, etc I will always finish what I have to get done. I noticed I am like that in life as well whenever I was tasked with a difficult task at work I would do my best to try and figure out what is the best way to go about this problem? Maybe I am a great problem solver as well! It is sure a blessing and a curse. I know no matter the amount of pressure that is put onto me I will always dedicate my entire attention onto it creating my best work. I always have a lot of chaos going on through my surroundings so pressure isn’t anything new to deal with. I personally know for sure handling pressure is no big deal for me I feel like I can dedicate my entire attention onto the task at hand rather than having the free time that can easily get unacknowledged. So yeah. Working under pressure is something I believe I handle well and with great attention to detail. I do consider myself an expert at it.

One thought on “Expert

  1. Malik Brizan-Reed (He/Him/His)

    Greetings Nina,

    I love how you defined what procrastination meant to you. That word is viewed as negative in society, But you made it into something positive. In addition to being great under pressure and precision I think you are optimistic and a critical thinker.

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