What I’m an expert in

I spent a long time thinking about this question because I wasn’t satisfied with my original answer. I was going to just talk about my interests and say I’m no expert in one single thing. I sat and thought about my interests and that’s how I got to my answer. I am an expert when it comes to technology. It doesn’t really phase me if it’s a specific user interface, platform, computers, or anything. I have been the person my family goes to whenever they need help with their phone or the television and that hasn’t changed. As I got older, I would help in my high school with projectors, sound systems, and computers and it was something I enjoyed. I think what attracted me to technology was always having it in my house. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where gaming consoles, televisions, and phones were always being switched or upgraded. I was exposed to various forms of tech before I learned how to even use or understand them fully. I don’t really have someone in mind that I look to as highly regarded in the tech world that is the experts or authority besides the various companies that develop them. I am always excited to get my hands on a program or device with zero knowledge of it to learn how to work it. I think I will be this way forever.

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