Hey, is this how it happens in the book?

“You have all the time in the world to be an adult, go enjoy the things you do.”

– dR. oWEN meYERS

When I was a kid, I used to love reading comic books. I think I loved them so much because I loved the idea of superheroes. They could do all of the things that I wished I could do as a 4-foot tall kid living in the housing projects of Brooklyn. Every now and then, I would read comic books when my family could afford to buy them, and it was enough for me. Flash forward, I was 20 years old and working one day in the BMCC lab with my mentor, Dr. Owen Myers. He had asked me what I was planning to do that upcoming winter break. I told him that I was planning to come into the lab to work every day because I considered it fun. With a look of bewilderment he said “well, that’s awfully boring.” He proceeded to tell me that I needed a hobby and asked what was something that I wanted to do as a kid and never had the opportunity to do so. I said that I used to like comic books as a kid, but that I could never afford them, and that it seemed like a childish hobby to pursue. He said, “Lionel, you have all the time in the world to be an adult, go enjoy the things you do.” Five years later and I haven’t looked back, I’m about 300 books into my hobby, 150 in single issues, and multiple statues. Apart from owning paperback comics, I also keep up with the storylines of different heroes from all the different franchises, like Marvel, DC, IDW, Darkhorse, and Image. I’ve now become the friend that you ask at the end of a new superhero movie, whether or not that’s how it happened in the comic book. More often than not, I can give you an answer with hundreds of other detailed footnotes being verbally attached. Whenever I find free-time in my week, I research books and statutes that will be soon be released, learn about the storyline of older superheroes, or I’m looking for new art pieces. I think looking at the grand scheme of things, society might not find my expertise 100% useful or unique, but I love it, and that’s all that matters. Sadly, Dr. Meyers passed away a year later, but the advice he gave me, apart from helping me find something I wanted to be an expert in, inspires me to enjoy everything that life has to offer every day.

2 thoughts on “Hey, is this how it happens in the book?

  1. Loren J Ortega (he/him/his)

    Hello Lionel,

    I think this an amazing topic to be an expert on. I love the collection that you have created, it’s pretty neat. I also love the cleanliness and structure of your setup. Very well put together. I enjoy all characters from Marvel to DC, and this all reminds me of my childhood. I wish I was into comic books as much as you are, but if I ever have any questions as to which ones to get, you will be the guy I come to. Also, I love how you found something that has significant meaning for you, and that what you went through and to what made you start this motivates and inspires you to pursue your passions.

  2. Ellie Hubbard (she/her/hers)

    Hi Lionel! Sorry my response is late but I really loved this story. I resonate a lot with trying to maintain a hobby while also being an adult with a bunch of things on your plate. Your connection to comic books is such a sweet story and I’m so glad you can have a collection and enjoy them now! Your younger self would be so proud of you. Also, I’m so open to learning about all of the superheroes because I have only seen maybe 2 or 3 superhero-related movies in my life. I am so happy that you found your hobby! I hope you keep up with it and hopefully one day I can learn something about comic books because my lack of knowledge is a bit embarrassing. I am very impressed with your amount of knowledge; you seem like the perfect person to ask all of my dumb preliminary questions to!

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