How do we make change in our community?

“Every day the clock resets. Your wins don’t matter. Your failures don’t matter. Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be.“ -Sean Higgins

Change comes about in all shapes and all sizes. We can either choose to change or to be comfortable with ourselves and the world that we live in. In order to create change, we must look within ourselves first, and decide what do we need to do within ourselves before we are ready to make change in the outside world. To make change is to fight for something that you are truly passionate about. Like the quote above stated, it’s a new day everyday, you get a new opportunity with another day. Don’t dwell on the past, but focus on how we could create new opportunities in the present and in the future. Although some things may seem out of reach, it’s what you do that makes a difference, whether it be small or big. The outcome is about the energy you put out there, and the people you can help. Just remember, there is always somebody listening.

Change in our community is the best place to start. You want to be able to crawl before you walk and run. Starting on projects and initiatives locally make the transitions a lot easier. Making change in our community consists of knowing what the issue is that you are trying to change, researching and gathering information about the issue you are trying to change, having a passion for making that change, and getting the community involved in that change. There are many more factors that exist, but those should be the few big points. The biggest questions are though, what is change to you? Why is this change necessary? How can this change make myself better, my peers better, and my community better? Speaking out for what you believe in is your strongest ally in this search for change. Your voice, and because you made the decision to take that action, speaks wonders about your character and activism, that will garner the attention of those with the same visions for a better community. You need to be able to get the ground work running, which means getting the community involved by hearing their opinions and visions, volunteer work, letting the community be a part of the change, make everyone feel as if you all are working towards the same goal, and you must stick to your word and your vision. Don’t let miss opportunities and let downs deter you from the end goal. Persistence, motivation, and hard work will help you stay on track for the long haul.

No matter what the change is you are trying to make, whether it be helping underprivileged kids, the elderly, fighting for voting rights, equality, housing, education, etc, change begins in your heart. We fight for what we believe in because we have endured certain experiences or because we know that there are better ways to make our communities better. Be yourself, be genuine, be passionate. Make your presence known and your visions reality. You hold the power to help future generations, and the work starts here, now! Be proud of what and who you are! Make change and set an example for future activists!

2 thoughts on “How do we make change in our community?

  1. Lionel Colon (He/Him)

    Hey Loren,

    This post sums up everything I think of when it comes to making a change. I think you and I have similar ideas when it comes to change, especially when it comes to making changes no matter how big or small. I also agree that change has to come from the heart, it just can’t work if you don’t have the passion for the change you want to make.

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