How Do You Make Change In Your Community

Well, it starts with yourself. In order to make a change in the community, you have to make a change in yourself. Many people say they want to help the homeless, care for the needy, or work in healthcare or be a nurse. But when around strangers or other friends, they talk rudely or say things that were meant to be a joke, but unfortunately, it hurts them. So that makes me think about how you can make a change in your community. However, you offend your friends even if it’s a joke, or you’re too introverted to work with people daily.

As for me, in the future, I do see myself trying to make a change in my community because even though I like helping people, it’s the feeling of doing good for people or saving them and them appreciating you for their life. In our society today, not many people appreciate the small things we do, or people get attacked so badly for no reason. Of course, by myself, change can’t happen because brutality has been going on for years. I am introverted and depend on whether my day will be good or not, and that follows with my attitude toward people. And, soon, I will be going to therapy to fix that because I can’t help people if I’m introverted and giving people shitty days because I’m unhappy.

When I was younger, people were always so mean and rude, making fun of me every day; it lowered my feelings on life as wanting to be there in moments of my life. I just wanted the pain to stop. Since then, it has always continued in my life and finally stopped when I came into college. And life is different. However, do I still feel the way I did five years ago? Yes, but not because of my past, but now because of my problems. So, to answer the answer, anyone can make a change in their community, but it just matters that you are ok with yourself emotionally, mentally, and psychically; you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

By: Victory Obianke

One thought on “How Do You Make Change In Your Community

  1. Nina Hogan (She/her)

    Victory I really liked reading what you wrote. I do feel the need to help people and I see myself bettering my community in the near future. It really is a great thing to give back to organizations and people that have helped you and I believe that helping the community is an awesome accomplishment many don’t have.

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