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Change in my community varies according to different definitions of what change is. Change is altering or modifying something, an event, place, or people. In order for change to occur, there have to be some factors that trigger it. Without a trigger or reason, change can’t occur. For me personally, there has to be a cause to fight for or believe in; and in my community, there are certain situations or events that trigger my needs and desire to create a change. For example, the rise in gun violence especially amongst our teenagers. It saddens me to turn on the tv or go on social media only to find another teenager sent to jail for murder or crimes with the use of guns. The use of guns negatively in this present generation is alarmingly high and nothing good to write home about; and the best way I can contribute to helping our young ones and teenagers is by creating awareness either through social media or in person. Unfortunately, there is no particular cure for gun violence in our communities, but the best I can contribute is trying my best to create as much awareness as I can. And also give out important information such as job information, mental health service information, domestic violence hotline. All this information might seem unnecessary or unrelated, but unfortunately most of these teenagers who indulge in crimes mostly either came from broken homes with domestic abuse, the high use of drugs and illegal guns, poverty too, poor or lack of education, unemployed, etc. All these could affect the life of any teenager, and if rendering or giving out useful information like these could help the life of anyone to help them stay away from violence then that would be more helpful.

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