The term leader is a very abstract broad term. Anyone can be a leader in every day life. I know for a fact I am a leader when it comes to every day life. This might sound conceited but being a leader also requires the confidence of knowing you are trying to make strives in your life and in anyone else’s life for a positive change. I consider myself a leader of my own life. I personally have gone through and immense amount of traumatic things in a short time period. This in essence doesn’t make me a leader however it goes to show you the lengths of what I am trying to reach to better my community so these things don’t happen to anyone else. I have been a victim of sexual assault, of a natural disaster that left me and my family homeless and losing friends and acquaintances I thought would be there with me for my whole life in a matter of six months. Yet I still wake up and have better goals for the future. One being now to educate people on the harmful affects that sexual violence has on a person. I plan on being an attorney in the near future and strive to help victims with representation. While also hoping to educate people on the dangers of this I also have a goal to help with individuals with disabilities. My brother has autism and he is nonverbal and can not communicate. There is this app that combats this issue where it is basically a talking app. It has icons and it has a verbal voice so that the person who can not communicate can speak. The issue with this technological application is that its basically 300$. My mom waited three to four years to purchase this app because she couldn’t afford it. I would like to create an application that anyone can use. A lot of autistic individuals come from lower class families and with this being such a high cost it is nearly impossible for them to pay for it. So hopefully longterm goal would be to try and advocate and/or create an application that is either not costly at all or minimum cost that the average every day person can pay for. I hope I can educate people on these topics as best as I can. I consider myself to be leader with the amount of times I have had to adapt to certain situations and how I always overcome them no matter what. So yes. I would say I am a leader.

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