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I have a very close friend who is a passionate filmmaker. Throughout the past year or so I have known this guy, the two of us have established a very strong bond with each other. He was the type of guy who always had my back in my endeavors in my own goals, and I aided him in a number of the films he made by utilizing my acting skills to play different characters in his films. Usually, when I think of someone who is, or at least acts like a leader, I see a person trying to take the helm of a project and be the main driving force behind these different projects so that they may be completed. In the course of the time, I’ve known him, we have completed at least 4 films together, as well as several more films not involving me on his very own. I suppose when you bring a dedicated actor and singer together with a director and producer, you get a recipe for starting up your own content. That being said, being a filmmaker comes with its own set of challenges. Allocating times to shoot certain projects and being wary of each of the actions of the characters and the script comes off as a very difficult job. During my time with this friend, he has shown incredible resolve in his work, and has treated myself and our other friends and colleagues with nothing short of a great deal of respect. Afterwards, whenever we are usually done with filming, we go out to eat something as a form of celebration. I may be a tour guide, but I was surprised at a ramen restaurant he took me to one time that I never even thought about going to. In a way, he affected how I am able to operate my own business in a positive manner through that action. And now, at the time of this post, he has finally achieved getting a job in the drama department at his campus, and he thoroughly enjoys the fruits of his labor in said profession. The way I see this friend and many leaders in general are being the ones who take action to fuel their own objectives while also using their actions to empower and lead all of those who are around them.

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  1. Loren J Ortega (he/him/his)

    Hello Ian,

    I always find it so valuable when you can find someone who can motivate you, teach you, and take initiative in not only your growth, but with the growth of themselves and other projects. It’s difficult to find people like that to surround yourself with. These sort of relationships take on a mentorship type of role, which is a quality or trait that I believe a good leader possesses. I always tell myself that I need to surround myself with people that will only help build me up, as I will always do the same. That’s just the type of person I am. I’m happy for you that you have this type of friendship, hopefully you come across more people like your friend now. Empowering others means so much more when you can see them grow and take on the role that you have shown them.

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