The New College Experience.

The most memorable periods of a person’s life are both their school and college years, yet they differ greatly from one another. College life exposes us to a new world where we must learn new things and overcome new obstacles on our own, in contrast to school life where we learn everything in a safe setting. We attend school for around half of our formative years, so we become accustomed to it. However, college life is not forever until you want to, during which time we face new difficulties and learn valuable lessons. In contrast to how our instructors and friends constantly protected and watched over us while we were in school, in college we develop relationships with our mentors who don’t necessarily act in the same way. We don’t have as many restrictions in college as we do in high school, and we may choose how to spend our time there any way we like. In college, we meet new people and are immersed in a different environment where we must socialize. There, we meet new friends who become lifelong companions. We also can mold our professions by making wise choices and working really hard in school.

College life involves more than just academics; it also involves a person’s total growth through a variety of pursuits and difficulties.

One can choose their own path in college. Students can serve as class monitors while in school. An individual can nominate themselves for more important roles in college life, such as college president, vice president, secretary, and vice secretary. A person can develop his or her confidence through participating in many societies and activities that happen during the year, in addition to choosing the course and stream.

Everyone should enjoy their time in college because it is a great and important period in their lives. Our confidence to meet obstacles and struggles in the future is increased by the various lessons we learn from college life. It is important for students to engage in extracurricular activities and mingle as much as they can while in college because doing so will aid in their overall growth.

Best, Ryan


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