The New College Classroom

The event was honestly one that I truly enjoyed. The first thing that truly stuck with me was the example that Chancellor Rodriguez gave about his experience. I think it was significant to see the chancellor there and for him to show how he wanted to learn and change and actually be there, to me it took away a lot of my preconceived notions. This whole event took away a lot of my opinions. I saw how there is the idea of how to change things in education. It gives me hope for education moving forward. The main idea of this book is to reimagine learning and teaching for 21st-century students. I think that I haven’t felt this interest in change. I didn’t feel this as I was in DOE, but I do see hope for CUNY. I think covid truly messed things up and learning shifted to online and struggled to go back. Shifting at all shows that it’s possible, but definitely needs work. The pandemic showed that we can change education.

This book and conversations that were had in the seminar can bring it to new heights. In the poll in Zoom, they said they love to hear what students have to say in courses. This is interesting because I haven’t had many professors or teachers from that I felt that sentiment from. I think that I’ve had experiences where some professors just were upset, not many people talked so they barely asked or just talked all the time. I also agree with what Kathy said when she said that most graduate students were only taught seminars and not how to teach. I haven’t been in a course that hasn’t been a lecture or heavily not lectured. This is a great step on the way to truly changing how we learn and how we teach in the long run. I would love to see more than just a lecture for four out of five of my courses. I think variety in teaching and learning breeds new things that can truly elevate everything.

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