The Awakening Spirit

A young girl who was unaware of the world

Someone who chose to be present at the moment

She did not chose to focus on the future 

Her mind tends to find peace in little small things

Gradually growing up, the reality touched her

She is not a free spirit anymore

She is not in her motherland anymore

She is not with her friends anymore

But she is with herself

She became familiar with the unfamiliar things

Life led her to pass through some challenging moments

But those moments were disguised as blessings

The paths of life introduced her to some strangers in the unknown city

Some strangers became lifetime friends, some came as lessons

Some helped her to realize her ability, some tried to diminish it

She chose to embrace the difficult time instead of surrendering to it

Sometimes, she is in search of finding answers to questions

But the answer to her question is no answer

Finally, now putting her trust in the flow of life

In the midst of the crowd, there is a small child, and innocence is hidden inside her

The rules of life tend to make it unrecognizable

Experiences taught her peace and happiness don’t share the same definition

She is a free spirit now

This time a stronger version than before

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