I want to be free
I want my people to see
That there is so much more in life
Than our dreadful 9-5

There is so much talent
And so much love
But where are those people
When you need a tight hug

When life feels unbearable
I close my eyes to see
A beautiful beach right in front of me

When I don’t feel motivated
I think of those who have been underestimated
And I push myself to achieve
Everything I want in life & believe

My parents are immigrants
That worked so hard for so long
To provide for our family a good life
So we celebrate with dance & listen to songs

I want to be free
And I want my people to see
That we can escape this seemingly never ending cycle
And rewrite this chapter of the book with a new title

It is said it is hard to become one
When the country is so divided
I want my people to come together
So nothing is one sighted

I envision a life that is virtuous and true
as the young political philosophers taught
Was the best life for me and you

A world where we can all be happy and free
Is a life and world I envision for me
With hardship comes opportunity
But when the bad outweighs the good
What can you do for me?

It is always easier said than done
To compare and compete with none

But in this life we are conditioned
with materialism and possessions
to flaunt our power
rather than spread love and wealth like showers

I want to be free
And for my people to see
That there is more to life
Than our dreadful 9-5

And in essence one day we can achieve
A greater life for you and me

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