Blog Prompt for December

I enjoyed the listening session very much. There were several key takeaways I got from it. For instance, networking. 

Networking is something I only truly learned the value of in college. Building connections and partnerships with people I have respect for, and look up to in the career field that I wish to be a part of and make a difference in, is key. I also feel like getting to know people in my potential career field is important because they were me decades ago, so it’s like I’m following in their footsteps, and I feel it is so meaningful when they give me advice. Sometimes they say “I wish I did this differently, so you should try to do X, Y, and Z because it would be best in the long run”. I truly appreciate their input and feedback, always. 

I also liked how Nathan emphasized how nailing an interview could get you far. I remember I was so nervous for one particular interview that I actually went on YouTube and searched up “how to interview well”, and I ended up getting the internship I applied for. I think the most important advice I took away from that was to ask questions such as “what are some potential challenges I could face in this position”, “how do you like this work environment?”, “is there growth at this company?”, “do you see yourself here in five years?”

I also want to touch on the poll question “it is CUNY’s responsibility to help students prepare for the successful pursuit of their professional aspirations after leaving the University”. I strongly agree. The way I see it, it’s like a parent giving the children the tools, I feel like CUNY has just as much of an obligation to help their students succeed as a parent has to their child. This is my senior year at John Jay, and I’ve had some incredible professors. I am an advocate for CUNY and their meaningful mission.

One thought on “Blog Prompt for December

  1. Kelsey Milian (she/her/hers)

    Yes! We gotta network. It honestly is the key to potential job opportunities and acceptance. Someone meeting you at an event and you making an impression can go a long way. As an advocate for CUNY too, I agree with you Kathrina! We are here to help you, help us. An institution can only thrive when it’s students are thriving and feel supported!

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