Beauty of Music

Music is something that has been connected with me since my childhood. Since I was a kid, I was surrounded with music and gradually it became one of my hobbies. Something that I love to do to cheer up my mood. I was born in Bangladesh where the genre of music is different compared to the USA. As different countries have different kinds of cultures and ways to celebrate music. I remember how there used to be involvement of music and dance on any kind of cultural programs. As the weddings and the cultural functions are incomplete without music and dance. I personally like cultural music more likely to be defined as classical music. And for me music was never limited to one language and one culture. I listen to Hindi songs and English songs. Even on our programs, we tend to celebrate music that is in different languages than our first language. It’s because we can find peace and art as music is about finding connection. Besides that, I have also figured out my interest in popular band music in my language. There is something I always find in music that can connect people’s feelings and emotions. Music carries the ability to articulate people’s untold and complex feelings in an artistic way. Music is something where you don’t need any specific language to understand its own language. It has a separate fan base which can be understood when you can understand the world and its people. There is a heart connection which helps people to understand the significance of music. In my culture, we usually celebrate music when there is a wedding or on the occasion of a big event. Besides that, it can be for any kind of simple event. We include music and dances to make it more interesting and fun. As without it, we feel our events are incomplete.

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