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Perfection is impossible to achieve

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I don’t feel like I am an expert at something, considering that you have to allocate all of your time to that specific subject to be an expert. I was watching this one show, “Kota Factory.” A Lil back story about “Kota Factory” it’s about a bunch of kids trying to get admission into IIT, which is equivalent to engineering school. It is complicated considering there are only a small majority of seats. Their mentor tells them this quote which stuck with me “knowledge is infinite,” and you can not ultimately know one subject.

Disclaimer: Netflix doesn’t let me record

So essentially, a person can know some subjects; something I am knowledgeable about is poetry. I get inspired by poetry in my language by following some of the most famous Pakistani poets, and I use this website daily This helps me stay connected to my roots, and every culture has its beauty.

My favorite poem is

“Badi lambi guftagu karni hai,

Tum aana, eak poori zindagi le kar.” This poem means spending your life with a person.

Another favorite poem is

“Na haqq do itna ki takleef ho tumhe, Na waqt do itna ki guroor ho unhe.”This poem I deeply relate to because it talks about self-worth.

By translating to “Don’t give someone such a right over urself that it hurts you, Don’t give someone so much time that they become egotistical.”

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