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To Live Is to Learn

Posted by Tabiya Springer (she/her) on

From the start of our lives

One thing’s for certain

Since the day we’ve been born,

We’ve opened the curtain

For loving and learning, every day of our lives

This integral part; a message in disguise

From the mistakes we’ve made,

We learn there’s always a lesson

And if we focus hard enough, concealed is a blessing

See, when you adjust your perspective,

I believe a message is directed,

Crafted just for us, whether we understand or not

And while the seasons may change,

If you’re unwilling to learn;

The lessons may not

In the form of fear or shame, or love, never through placing blame

I know we all can relate,

‘Cuz there’s a lesson in everything

If we just focus on what we should celebrate,

Our thoughts begin to elevate

& If I ain’t making sense it seems you couldn’t resonate

No stress

Not everyone has seen the things I’ve seen

Or learned every lesson I’ve learned

But one thing remains the same:

We are learning day by day,

Moment by moment

And while society may place

a few fortunate ones at the forefront of learning,

It’ll never change the fact,

That within every act,

So be it,

A lesson lies

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