The Unknown

Hi everyone! For this first blog post, I wanted to do something a bit different hence the video. In this video, I talked about how daring it can be to step into the unknown and to push past the discomfort.

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The Unknown

7 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Lauren Melendez

    Hi Sharifa,
    Thank you for posting such a poetic and timely video. All of the realities that are difficult to process and even the hopeful thoughts you shared were lovely and really speak to the extremely hard circumstances we are all navigating at this time. I love the quote you mentioned by Maya Angelou too, it is truly words of wisdom that we all should strive to live by!

  2. Kia Thomas

    This was so amazing! I loved the choice of music and the use of your voice. I would subscribe to your podcast. Maybe I am doing too much, but I liked the symbolism of the windows since we are all online and quarantined. I really resonated with your thoughts on hustle culture. Like, really resonated. I never feel like I deserve to rest and every minute feels like it’s being wasted because I’m not “hustling” or taking advantage of some mystical opportunity. Thank you so much!

    1. Kashema Hutchinson (she/her)

      I echo Kia on this one, the hustle culture and how it is playing on our psyche. I think it is important to acknowledge it, because many of us don’t realize it. And yes to the music! The song title, “Ordinary People” alone, speaks volumes in unordinary times. Thank you for sharing.

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