September 2nd, 2020: Charlie

September 2nd, 2020: Charlie

An early-twenties man struggles with his past. Charlie, a former gang member, is traumatized by his past mistakes and doesn’t see a future for himself. He struggles with making friends, and we quickly see why. On the brink of suicide, Sheyla Nicholas tries to help Charlie come to terms with his past life.

3 thoughts on “September 2nd, 2020: Charlie

  1. Sharifa Thompson

    Hi Tarell,
    That was very interesting. Is this going to be a series because I have so many questions. Is Charlie going to go through with it? Where did his mother go? How did his dad get into gang banging?

    I feel like I’ve definitely become way too invested in this plotline but it was a great read.

    1. Tarrell McCall Post author

      Hi Sharifa,

      As of right now, I currently have plans to continue his story in the full script at the end of the academic year. Unfortunately, Charlie won’t be the main character, but I will be creating and introducing more characters along the way.

      Glad you enjoyed!

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