It’s My Preference

To have Her
Is to have the Woman of my dreams
An Ivory Empress
Born in an Ivory tower
Born to an Ivory Emperor
Who’s riches I want to possess.
And I feel in my squalor as a man
That I want to up my roots,
Leave my detestable land,
Dust myself of the soot of blackness
Leave what I see in the mirror behind
To possess Her,
And the Men who I really want to be
But I don’t tell my Empress,
Tell my Emperors that,
But I run to the women who birthed me,
The children I made bastards
And tell them that it’s my preference.
I’ll immobilize ebony and her children
their gears locked in destitution
So they remain silent,
As my resolve is to nest in the bosom,
Shine the cobblestones leading to whiteness,
Because that is what I want to possess.
And I’ll tell you as I shine Ivory shoes,
Jest for an Ivory court,
Raise the mixed conquests with my Ivory Women
That it’s my preference.
Though their Ivory foot will always be on my neck
Though they shoo me to the kitchen,
Though I am the heel they scuff,
I prefer it this way,
My badge of honor.

What do you suppose my Ivory Masters are laughing at?

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