We’ll Have Beautiful Mixed Babies

You know,
Like how Goldie locks wanted everything
Not too hard, not too soft,
Not too hot, not too cold,
But just right.
Let’s do the same to these here kids.

You know,
Not wanting them too dark
But they can never be too light,
Not wanting hair too hard,
But it can never be too soft,
Just right…..according to who?

You claim it’s just what you like,
Just what you want in an unborn child,
No immediate concern for a safe, healthy delivery
But did your preference deliver the green eyed,
Loose curl,
Non dark eared baby
that wasn’t you as a baby?
If not,
Is it really a mixed baby?
Is it really beautiful if it looks like you?

Because you don’t,
And never will like what you see in the mirror,
Why would you want offspring
That’s just another mirror
You’ve been meaning to genetically toss?

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