Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s been one year since I’ve seen the Queens College campus. It’s been one year since I walked throughout my college’s library looking for a cozy place to read and complete upcoming assignments. It’s been one year since I’ve walked down the block with my friend Sam hungry for our lunch special at the local Chinese restaurant. It’s been one year since I’ve lived a normal life. This historical moment has changed life for many. Throughout my academic career, I was immersed in the history of past lives. Learning about events such as the Bubonic Plague and even the Spanish Flu, but never did I think I would experience an epidemic nearly as major as the 2 mentioned prior. Although this global pandemic has contributed to a multitude of changes that no one was ready for, I think it has given me the ability to think about life outside of its normal everyday routine. Like most, I followed a set regime. Wake up early in the morning, catch the bus, head to my classes, take a lunch break, resume classes, finish school, hang around after school and go home. I had it set, for 15 years I have had it set. Prior to the onset of Covid-19, spontaneity was a  foreign concept. Doing activities outside of my regimen was very rare to me, however, when the world paused, the routines paused as well. I could no longer fall in line with what I have been doing for years without thought. While Covid-19 has done a lot of harm by taking numerous lives, I appreciate that it has given me the time to burst my bubble. A bubble that I didn’t even know I was in. Routines are not bad as long as there is a blend of spontaneity. I am excited to continue on my journey that incorporates a greater sense of fluidity.

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