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Fostering authenticity, passion, and joy in others! I’ve found that it can be difficult to get groups of people to get along and communicate with each other, particularly when discussing topics that require personal vulnerability to join in. When people find it difficult to join a conversation, it can be because of many things. The initial assumption might be that they are standoffish or don’t like the topic (or the speaker, for that matter). A big part of beginning a true dialogue is offering an open-ended question and then listening, really listening to what the person is talking about. Response without judgement is also vital. Chances are, at some point in life, most of us were talking about something we really like or enjoy, and someone shut us down, either verbally or nonverbally. Being shut down can sit in our minds subconsciously for years and inhibit our ability to really be ourselves. I pride myself on being able to put myself out there first to facilitate a space in which others can feel safe to do the same. Encouraging people to talk about the things that bring them joy or fulfillment brings me joy and fulfillment. When I see the light turn on in someone’s eyes as they talk about something they are passionate about, I feel as though I’ve been honored to see this very vulnerable and beautiful part of another human. Too often are we encouraged to not rock the boat or maintain the status quo, but when I am able to help someone else consciously become who they already are, I think the world becomes a better place, one human at a time. It just takes the ability and patience to see past someone’s defense mechanisms, an open mind to changing the course of a conversation and perhaps learn about something new, and the self-esteem and confidence to enter a conversation that has no set agenda. It can take some time to see a markable difference in others, but sometimes the outside messages have shrunk them so much that they are afraid to grow again. By showing outgoing compassion and enthusiasm for connection, I can foster the same in others and allow it to spread from person to person, exponentially improving our ability to connect and demonstrate kinship and community.

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  1. Angela Dunne

    Dear Avii, I really appreciate the type of expertise you presented here. It’s such a great characteristic to be able to provide a nonjudgemental, accepting, and motivating space for people to communicate. I agree with you about the detrimental impact of being shut down in past experiences. We never know what someone has gone through when they enter a space and everyone may not be ready to open up or express their thoughts or opinions. I am also interested to know what types of things you are particularly interested in discussing with folks. What conversation topics make you impassioned when speaking about them? Also, it sounds like you have a great skill-set for restorative practices (also transformative justice practices) to address harm and build/re-build communities. Is that something you could see yourself doing?

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