My ride or die natural hair

“Bad HAIR ain’t nobody got time for that.” Wearing a natural AFROhair has caused social exclusion and has created a room for women of color to feel not proud of who they are and constantly contradict themselves whether they belong here or not. Following 2019 New York City legal guidance on Human Rights Law explicitly prohibit any discrimination basis on race and hair, allowing New Yorkers to honor their culture, identity, and values. Black women’s hair features years of struggle, activism, and empowerment from slavery to contemporary society. Do not blame my hair because of your sexism and racism; that is just a product of your mentality. I am a signature of nature, and I will not let your uneducated mind covered with lies made into truth stop me from reminding who I am, a descent of Queens and warriors. Do not use my natural hair texture as an excuse for your poorly statistic job qualifications. Do not underestimate the power of my natural afro hair. My hair should be a reminder of who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing. My natural hair is an extension of my heritage. It is in my DNA passed down to me by my family, generations after generations. I wear my hair with pride.

One thought on “My ride or die natural hair

  1. Avii Van Praagh (They/Them)

    This is so beautiful and empowering!! I know that recently there have been children’s books published telling young black girls that their hair is beautiful and tells their story; it should have happened way sooner. The discrimination against natural hair is just an extension of white supremacy’s coding black women as unrefined, which is just baseless racism. Hair can be an expression and extension of the self, and it is so important to love all of yourself, especially in the face of a society that is constantly trying to put black women down! Thank you for sharing this part of you; I appreciate your authenticity and self-love.

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