How Change Comes

I think that making change in any community is tough because each community has it’s own soul. With every soul is unique quirks and features. They also have trauma as well. Personally I think that I can make change in this community by giving back. Change isn’t made without something to give in my opinion. What I mean by this is that if I wanted to decrease homelessness in my community, more shelters would need to be funded and opened. I think that to make change  I would have to give back to the community to keep paying it forward. I think that the sense of community is gone on my block particularly because of gentrification and different faces coming in and out. I’ve been in the same community for the last ten years and know almost everyone. In the last five years, I’ve seen different faces and don’t really talk to many people. I think to restore the feeling of community would bring real change to my community. It always has been on my mind to give back when I’m successful like donating school supplies or food to those in my community. I want to give those who are in this community who are less fortunate than I was growing up to have opportunities and help everyone along their way like I plan to.

One thought on “How Change Comes

  1. Sam Ascencio (He/They/Zir/Hir)

    “Each community has its own soul.” That’s so inspired! I love that you also include trauma in this. A lot of what you touch on is a form of abolition I’m not sure you’re aware of that but it’s awesome!

    You’re aiming for a positive change something that comes from within the community. The kind of change you’re talking about is transformative justice which is an umbrella term used to define any strategy to address violence, abuse, or harm that creates safety, justice, reparations, and healing without relying on police, prisons … or any other state systems.

    When you consider housing you’re talking about a restructuring of society that provides all the things your community needs that are for a foundation to your personal and community safety. I feel like you’d love this

    I hope you can take a small step into making a change for your community have you consider organizing anything? Even a virtual get together might benefit the community in bigger ways than you think!

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