Stepping Off the Curb: Transformative Justice and Community Change in the little things

What moves us to engagement is often less a reasoned evaluation of all possible options that bring us to a rational decsion and more a felt response: It just seems the right thing to do given what we see, hear, and experince…We need to do activsm in a way that acknowledges the power of the sensual and the emotional…the goal of actvism is action to generate an effect.

Duncombe, Stephen. Art of Activism. OR Books, 2021.

Until recently I hadn’t known how many ways I have made changes for my community so here are all the ways I learned to support mine.

Thanks to the book “Draw the Line”, “The Art of Activism”, and “We wear kicks to work” which helped me discover myself in this process. Learn more here: & &

Signing Petitions

Signing petitions might not feel like much but it has always been a crucial way to show representatives that your voice matters and can spark movement, action, and much more when you can see how many people stand by you.


Becoming a living billboard lets your personal become not only political but loud enough for others to feel safe enough to see, and know there is allyship to be found! Fight the power that is by becoming visual, political, creative, and spread your message to everyone!!

Shopping local

Being Kind to Others

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