How do I make a change in my community ?

For those with a savior complex like myself this questions could be so thought provoking almost to the point of causing a panic attack . I mean , who are we if we don’t care about our community or simply care about the people around us . I feel as if it is my personal responsibility to give back to my community . Once you commit to caring , then the next obstacle is to actually do something that will cause change . I grew up in the Bronx in Monroe Projects . Don’t let the word projects fool you trust me it wasn’t scary it was just not lavish . The Bronx raised me and it makes me so sad how it gets a bad wrap. I always promised myself to always give back to the Bronx community. Not sure how but I know I wanted to give back in some kind of way . In my mind I always thought the words “make a change” meant money . Meant giving money or getting money to give money , ok but the way my checking and savings is set up … I don’t got it like that ..Yet. Nonetheless, something inside me knew I had to make a change some how . My love for entertainment lead me to creating a open mic called Bronx Poetry . From my radio show i would often meet artists who wanted to perform but didn’t really have a positive outlet in the Bronx. In the back of my mind i would always say i cant wait until I get some more money do I cant give back to my community praying I win the Lottery or something . It wasn’t until 3 years in when I received an award from LDM Network I realized wait I’ve been making a change all along . You mean to tell me this whole time I’ve been feeling like crap from not doing more I was actually giving back but in my own way . Then i was able to truly see how I created this safe space that people didn’t have before . All this to say …use what you have to make a small change . Don’t focus only on the big things, a change can start anywhere . Something as small as a zoom meet up or a dance lesson . Any information or service you have access to that could be shared can positively impact a persons life . You never know who’s life you may change , and maybe that person can go one and change more lives . Each opportunity we have to impact at least one life , that can make a change .

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