New Earth will be born in our generation! We are so lucky!

We should know earth is just one planet in the universe. Now our Earth Monther is in ascension to the fifth Dimension. After our human’s collective consciousness is raised to a sufficient degree, we will go into the “New Earth” or “New World.”

All human beings will have the power and responsibility to rebuild your world together, and you will come together in communities based on equality. Everyone has the responsibility to say what he thinks about something. No one is above another. Only sentient beings communicate in a new consciousness, for when man has gone through the Cleansing he will have another consciousness, and he will begin to acquire a non-dualistic consciousness that unites him with all his brothers to live in harmony for the highest good of all.

Each man will give according to what he is, according to what he knows, and there will be a group of beings who are more advanced in intelligence, evolution, and understanding of the laws of the universe to guard the order of the new world.

The word “war” would cease to exist. There will be very important and very positive communication between the communities.

True education will return, and children will gain complete respect for all beings and beings through understanding nature and kingdoms, and gradually learn to communicate with the environment to better protect and respect the environment.

In the new world, no one will feed on the flesh and blood of other beings, and the plant kingdoms will give themselves to the animal and human kingdoms that voluntarily make such sacrifices out of love.

People of the new civilization will also learn to use more energy to nourish themselves. You will learn more about energy bodies and capture and release energy in the universe for energy loops.

As you increase in vibration, humans will move into a multidimensional state and learn not to rely solely on food to sustain and replenish their energy. In the beginning, you will eat a lot of fruit, some huge flowers can also be eaten. Slowly, people become more and more, learn to use energy or planar to nourish yourself, you will be through direct absorption external energy to nourish yourself, that is to say, your subtle experience normal operation of the energy needed to bring you a flesh, many aspects of your body will no longer as it is now in a separate from each other and fracture, the closer they will link more harmonious.

With the help of this new energy, the physical form of the people will not be as different as it is now, no one will be too thin or need to show strength beyond others through strong muscles, your mind will adjust your physical form.

In your long dark programming, you have a sense that the shadow has great power, that its influence extends from the top to the bottom of the ladder, and that getting rid of the shadow will be very difficult. We want to show you that this is not the case, shadows are fragile! It does not know love, nor do the followers of the shadow upon earth, so they are also vulnerable.

You need to realize that love is a great life force, and when you have love, you have power. First do not be afraid of the shadow, because if you are afraid of it, you will give it more power, but if you are not afraid of it, it will retreat.

Your destiny is in your hands! We can say for sure that your future world will be far beyond your imagination.

You will have a very comfortable environment in the future; You will be able to use new technology to build skyways without destroying the natural environment. You will do it for happiness and not for power. 

The world you are going to create is a world of stability, a world of purity, a world where everyone can express themselves, where everyone is equally important. There will be no intellectual or cultural discrimination; All beings will be equal.

There will be differences between you. The younger soul will need the guidance and companionship of the older soul, but the differences will be fully respected, cultural and otherwise; And that’s what your society lacks right now: respect, respect for life, respect for yourself, respect for those around you.

You will have a life of freedom and joy, a life that allows you to evolve, not through pain, but through creation and love!

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