What am I an expert in? By Renee J.

There are so many things that I consider to be a hobby to me, so many activities and ideas that I like to explore beyond a classroom setting and the workplace environment. For a long time, the things that I cared about the most and dedicated the most time to I would sheepishly shrug off as being merely a hobby but I am starting to consider the ways in which I may be something like an expert in these areas. I would consider myself to be an expert in the hobbies that I have invested the most time into for the last 4 or 5 years officially, but really since I was a child.

I consider myself an expert in writing because ever since I was a child I had a passion for writing and reading, which is the reason why I majored in English Literature (and recently graduated from Hunter wohooooo!) I have spent hours on hours writing within an academic setting, since I was young even being placed in accelerated classes. While I struggled in other topics like math, barely passing with an average grade, I always excelled in writing and reading. I even wrote personal statements for my friends when we were entering college. Throughout the years I feel I have really fostered my love of writing and I can see clearly now how it has positively impacted many areas of my life. I incorporate writing in so many things I do, from songwriting, to planning out creative projects, and even in navigating communication on a daily basis. Writing will always be one of my passions, and something I continue to invest time into daily, thus making me something like an expert in the topic. I am even currently writing an ebook meant to help other writers who want to expand in their journaling practice, because I believe that journaling truly changes lives and helps your mental health, titled “Wisdom in Dark Paradise.”

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