What am I an expert in? By Renee J.

There are so many things that I consider to be a hobby to me, so many activities and ideas that I like to explore beyond a classroom setting and the workplace environment. For a long time, the things that I cared about the most and dedicated the most time to I would sheepishly shrug off as being merely a hobby but I am starting to consider the ways in which I may be something like an expert in these areas. I would consider myself to be an expert in the hobbies that I have invested the most time into for the last 4 or 5 years officially, but really since I was a child.

I consider myself an expert in writing because ever since I was a child I had a passion for writing and reading, which is the reason why I majored in English Literature (and recently graduated from Hunter wohooooo!) I have spent hours on hours writing within an academic setting, since I was young even being placed in accelerated classes. While I struggled in other topics like math, barely passing with an average grade, I always excelled in writing and reading. I even wrote personal statements for my friends when we were entering college. Throughout the years I feel I have really fostered my love of writing and I can see clearly now how it has positively impacted many areas of my life. I incorporate writing in so many things I do, from songwriting, to planning out creative projects, and even in navigating communication on a daily basis. Writing will always be one of my passions, and something I continue to invest time into daily, thus making me something like an expert in the topic. I am even currently writing an ebook meant to help other writers who want to expand in their journaling practice, because I believe that journaling truly changes lives and helps your mental health, titled “Wisdom in Dark Paradise.”

How do I make a change in my community? By Renee J.

Growing up, I moved around a lot with my family. It was often the case that I would switch schools the following year, and by doing so I learned to adapt to different environments. The reasons varied depending on the time frame, at times we moved to be closer to my mother’s job, and another time we moved to New Jersey to stay in a bigger home when my little brother was born. A single working mother with two young children meant the constant need for childcare, and looking back I can’t think of anyone more influential than the women who presumed the role of our caretakers. Where would we be without them?

I believe I make a change in my community by babysitting and providing childcare. The general attitude toward that of a babysitter is that it’s typically a job for teenagers, and that anyone can do it. But is that really true? To me, I think those who we leave our children with are of the upmost importance. Can you really leave your child with just anyone? Also, considering that nanny’s and babysitters spend a lot of time with the children I think it is inevitable that they become an influence in the young child’s life. To me, this is one of the most important jobs and quite frankly I feel very honored when a family considers me as their primary babysitter because to me I feel like I become a part of their family. In my perspective, they are trusting me with the aspect of their life that is the most important and I take that responsibility happily because of the way that I grew up.

I think I’m being a change in my community by being a babysitter because I not only aid mothers that were similar to my own and in need of additional help around the home, but also I get to share the things I have learned with kids that I consider an extension of my family. When I help with homework, I am providing the role of the tutor. When we are cuddling watching movies, the feeling of comfort and nurturing is mutual and I am just as excited to be there as they are when I arrive to their house. Babysitters can become such a vital and influential role in a child’s life and I believe that caretaking creates a positive change within a community, as the relationship can last a lifetime.

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