Highlights from The New College Classroom Talk

Crystal Rosario

The New College Classroom

     Professor Cathy Davidson and Dr. Christina Katopodis worked together to create a book to help change pedagogy in education. I have to admit this is the first time I have heard the term pedagogy. I went to trusty google to get a definition and it is defined as, the method and practice of teaching. I have alway been a hands-on learner and some aspects of school did not help me thrive the way I possibly could have. Watching these two women address the issues of traditional teaching methods and challenge them was very inspiring. 

    Firstly, they begin by explaining why teachers/professors need to change their methods of teaching. The old fashioned way of teaching, where you’re just expected to read and take notes and listen to what your professor dictates to you, is just not enough to help students excel in the field they are looking to go into. They address how each student has a unique way of learning. The student being active alongside teachers and professors will help them grasp the information they are receiving more efficiently. This will in turn produce better workers. This is what they refer to as active learning. Throughout their presentation they took moments to ask the audience to answer questions and share them with the person next to them. I enjoyed this because it is demonstrating how involving students in their own learning with professors takes them out of their comfort zone. As a student, there are times where a professor would ask a question and ask the student to answer and I am very reserved so I feel afraid to speak up. If classrooms took the approach Professor Cathy Davidson and Dr. Christina Katopodis is suggesting and doing more than just asking questions that will benefit the student.

    Another point in the presentation that really stood out to me is when they addressed providing feedback to students. I personally do better when I have a lot of feedback from my professors because I am always looking to improve and grow. Teachers and professors adopting these suggestions can help students take note of where they need to improve, benefiting their learning experience. After all, we are all in college to learn and grow to eventually apply these concepts in our professional careers. I enjoyed watching these two innovative women establish a new norm in the education system.

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