Equality for Students Who Aren’t Dominated

When it comes to the students that are less favored, have we ever considered what equality and equality mean?

What happened to those students who struggled mightily to enroll in a college in this nation but were never given the chance to do so?

What happened to those who worked so hard and made such sacrifices while we slept comfortably in our beds? We are creatures. We sobbed, we mourned, we felt, and we even dropped to the ground, but that wasn’t the end; we got back up and kept moving on. We are bringing about change and serving as an example for disadvantaged students and making an impact one step at a time.

 I want to spread this information because it is unfair how undocumented students are treated in this nation and because they do not receive the same respect as other students.

Greetings, my name is Rayon. I must admit that I have been a resident of this nation for the past six years, but when I first arrived, I had no choice but to stay since I needed to. It is unfair for me to not be able to receive resources and benefits like other students out there because I moved here, living in this century, and attending college full-time is difficult. What happened to those of us who pay taxes and make significant sacrifices for this country? What happened to the students who worked tirelessly to complete their college degrees?  What became to the students who put in so much effort to earn their college degrees? We are both people!

Living in our country and not being able to achieve your goals is difficult because of our constraints. Despite paying taxes, we are nevertheless unable to achieve our goals. However, we are traveling there rather slowly. It’s possible that we won’t achieve the status we need, but nobody can take your power away from you since knowledge is power! I would adore for the public to check into this and send someone to a place like us and advocate for our students who are not bold and courageous enough to speak up!

 Even though we will encounter hatred and division, we won’t be let down. Many students are speaking in class but standing up requires a lot of strength.

Since these students are less fortunate, we would want to suggest financing for them. Fund our undocumented students right away, and let’s work together to solve this problem. We are all involved in this. Let the changes take place! Equality and fairness for undocumented students.

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