Who will I be?

I’m a girl who’s had too many hobbies for her own good. I’d like to think my next best obsessions are the reason why I’ve changed my mind so many times about “what I want to be,” but I suppose that’s also just a part of growing up. I wanted to be an artist, a fashion designer, a writer, a teacher, a clinical psychologist, a physician’s assistant, and my latest and longest obsession: a doctor. Growing up, I heard the opposite of what you might expect from most parents: “don’t go to medical school.” From a young age, my dad drilled into my mind that medicine was a terrible route to follow– a waste of your time and money. Of course, that was only the case for him. He graduated with a degree in religion studies, only to earn his medical degree, finish a residency in pathology, and a fellowship/masters in biomedical engineering. Guess what he does today? He’s a computer programmer who runs a business that stores boat licensing information. He dedicated years and years of his life to medicine, only to discover along the way that he didn’t like it much at all. And now, he couldn’t be happier with his career. Life takes us to unexpected places, but I can only hope that wherever it takes me, I’m happy and I am kind. I would hope medical school is the right path for me, considering I’ve dedicated so much of myself to it in undergrad alone, but regardless, I’m just happy to be pursuing something that excites my curiosity.

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  1. Kelsey Milian
    Interestingly enough... life works in unexpected ways as you said. Paths converge and repeat to find solve in moments where healing could not occur. As you navigate your passions for medical school, keeping this in mind might be helpful. You can wear many hats, many roles, and many passions!

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