Bruce Mau exercise & Blog Prompt

One very important practice that I want to continue doing for the rest of my life is maintaining a spiritual connection with the creator and exploring the creation of my creator to further build that connection. There is beauty in learning about other cultures, identities, and exploring how the human moral consciousness has come to unite us for years. While morality has been claimed to be an outdated philosophy by many, it is by far in my opinion the most sentimental aspect of humanity. In my poem I hope to convey how a detrimental shift has spread in the west of marginalizing many groups in the middle east practicing islam. There is continuous villainization of people who practice religion. All to serve a political, social, and economical division that only benefits the higher authority. Many have fallen under these strategic social traps and within their distractions they are only fueling the unequal distribution of power within society. 

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