“What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”

It’s a wonderful question to ask yourself what you truly want to do with your life. To be completely honest with you, migrating to this country wasn’t that simple. However, I didn’t give up and I will continue to move forward and strive toward my life’s goals.

I don’t regret coming here. I have a lot of goals for my future, both personally and academically, but I just want to show my family—and not just them—that everything is possible by improving myself on a personal level. When you set your mind to something, there shouldn’t be any ifs or butts; instead, you should have great determination, positivity, and perseverance.                      

First, I want to say that after finishing college and receiving my bachelor’s degree, I want to attend Columbia University to earn my master’s in public health. I will begin working toward this as soon as I graduate with my bachelor’s. However, receiving my degree isn’t the end of the road; I also have a long-term plan. Coming into this country, I know anything is possible, so I’ll be working towards that. Not only that but also listening to my mom and hearing her talk about accomplishing one at a house, I want to help her to get her own house as well as myself.     Furthermore, we didn’t have a good life; it was very difficult; and coming out of poverty without being able to live in a very nice, beautiful home is something that I’ve been eager to do. Returning to this country was difficult because coming here and not being able to travel at the moment is such a huge problem for me, but I’m hoping that in the future things will work out,  we all know and can agree that every day it’s so busy we have so many things that are going on we get overwhelmed we are all humans we are tired we’re exhausted we need vacations we need to go and relax we need to go and have a good time. But coming here and not being able to travel now is such a huge problem due to my immigration status.

Not only that, but I also want to leave a legacy here, which means that as an undocumented student who is unable to receive the necessary assistance, I want to demonstrate to everyone that goals and dreams can come true. I want to do this by leaving a legacy here in this nation and in this state to demonstrate that anything is possible regardless of your status, circumstance, level of education, or race.  

Not only that, but there are also a lot of things I really want to do in life, but coming here, learning about the career path, enrolling in college, getting to know new people, and learning from various mentors from various perspectives from various communities from various departments from various companies from various jobs have helped to mold and shaped me into who I am today,  and I am forever grateful for all of that.   

Since I was raised in poverty and in an abusive household and have experienced both, I will do everything in my ability to assist other students. I started working when I was 13 to finance my schooling and myself, and I have been working from then until now. These are some of my top priorities and things I want to do with my life because I want to choose a career sector that would believe in me and what I want to do in the future.                                                         

I’ll keep it quick, but these are some of my top priorities. It’s been a blessing until this day. I believe that determination is the key to success and once we drive the motivation and determination then it’s going to happen. Anything is possible once you put your mind to doing it.

“Determination is the key to success”

Thank you.

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