The uncertainty period

I am a Junior in Queens College majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. I am still trying to explore the jobs I can get through my major. I am right now looking forward to working with non profit organizations or any kind of educational organization that is relatable with my major. I feel psychology is also a useful major if someone wants to make their career in the medical field or either in the sales department. This is a broader field but it takes time for one to obtain a job.

Most of the jobs require masters whether it is counseling or any other field. That’s why I am trying to gain knowledge about how to get a master’s degree or what the process looks like. What types of jobs one can get after getting a Master’s in psychology. As I am still in the research process this makes the path a little bit uncertain. I am also trying to search for jobs where I can work either as a counselor or as a project manager or project coordinator of any kind of organization after I am done with my bachelor’s degree. As I just switched to psychology, that’s making me think more about the career paths one can obtain through this degree. I am planning to take a gap year or two before I try to get my master’s degree. I feel there is an alignment between my degree and what I would like to pursue once I graduate. Moreover, there are engineering paths too one can try from psychology. As engineering was something I wanted to be before, I think I would like to research that too. Right now, there are a lot of things I am considering. There is no certain path I decided yet but there are high chances for me to work with an educational organization as my major, interest and experiences match with the position.

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