What’s Next?..

I am a creative writing major. I am also pre-med. I’m often unsure when to add the latter– a necessity around my STEM peers who look at me and ask “then why the hell are you in organic chemistry II?” A fun fact in my English classes where my humanities peers ask, “then why the hell are you an English major?” But a fundamental aspect of my identity as a student. I’ve changed my interests many times. I still have too many hobbies for my own good and too many aspirations for my spare time, but I know I will become a doctor. It’s the path I chose for myself and the one I cannot imagine abandoning. I’d like to write too– maybe about my medical adventures or about the little things in life.

So I study many things– screenwriting, grammar, sociology, physics, organic chemistry, and many more. My semesters always look like this– a hodge-podge of many specialties. I like it better this way. I’m using this time to learn as much as I can about as many things as I can. I hope to be the amateur of many fields and the expert of a select few. I hope to always be kind and curious. That’s what I love about medicine– you never really stop learning.

I will graduate from undergrad in the spring of 2024. That summer, I’ll submit my first ever medical school application and will embark on a gap year who knows where doing who knows what. I have my eye on a medical internship in Seoul– but who really knows where the next 2 years will take me. I look forward to whatever is next. I’m just here to put in the work that gets me there.

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