April Blog Post- Mix of emotions

Spring Semester has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. This Semester was full of different experiences from meeting different people to get to be a part of different programs. It has been an incredible journey. This semester is one of the toughest semesters for me because of getting myself involved with so many different things. Such as work, internships ,college works, doing different programs made the journey overwhelming but exciting at the same time. Even though everything is hard to handle, I am grateful. I am grateful for the moments and the opportunities I received. I don’t know what grades I will receive for my classes, but I learned and one of the biggest achievements I felt is I could establish interactions with my classmates. This was something that we needed and also it was hard to do it especially after the pandemic. 

One emotion I would like to highlight is gratitude. Here are the 5 songs I included on my playlist:

  1. Rita Ora- Grateful. This song expresses how sometimes we go through the bad times but those bad times are something that we can be grateful towards. 
  2. Love you Zindagi which means “Love you life”- It’s a song from a Hindi movie called “Dear Zindagi” which means in English “Dear life”. This is an incredible movie which speaks about the importance of mental health. It teaches one how to appreciate the beauty of life.The way life has blessed me with upcoming summer opportunities which I am waiting patiently to utilize. So, this is something I would include in my playlist so I can remind myself how to be grateful towards life.
  3. Perfect- Ed Sheeran. You know, sometimes life is blessed with some people that give us some beautiful memories. It does not matter if they stay or not but the moment you had with them was perfect. This song reminds me how grateful I am towards life for being blessed with some incredible people in my life.
  4. Avicii- The Nights. This song always inspires me to be grateful towards the present moment because one day we are going to leave this world behind. So, we should enjoy every single moment of our life.
  5. Who says you are not perfect- Selena Gomez. This song reminds me to be grateful about the fact how I am physically fit and the way I am whereas many people struggle with themselves because of being physically disabled. They feel themselves as not perfect whereas we all are imperfectly perfect.

One thought on “April Blog Post- Mix of emotions

  1. Inmaculada Zanoguera Garcias

    Hi Shehnija,

    I am quite uplifted and refreshed reading your reflections. For many of us on a semester schedule, there’s so much going on at the moment. Every year at this stage I find it hard to find perspective and realize that all of these tasks and obligations come from endeavors I am very lucky to be pursuing–my PhD, my future career, my Fellowship with the Humanities Alliance, etc. So, gratefulness is also my emotion of choice today!

    And P.S.: I checked out the song “Love You Zindagi” and it definitely contributed to the gratitude mood 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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