What after post-graduation?* (Journal Blog#1)

So, what would happen to me? You know, after I get my diploma and stuff like that from Lehman College, hanging out and chilling while watching some Netflix. That’s an open-ended question though. It depends on the path I’m taking and feeling what’s right for me. Have lots of options, such as attending grad school, getting full employment, enjoying my 20s (I guess), travel (if I have the budget), just to name a few. But, in all seriousness, let me be honest with you, I’m a bit scared for my uncertain future and achieving great things for myself and my family, including my ambitions to community back in my home country despite the odds against me. Of course, with confidence and remaining ambitious in my goals, I will make it regardless while at the same time, sensing doubts and fear itself luring in my mind – playing tricks with my abilities. And you know the saying, it’s never too late to improve myself, am I right? God only knows.

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